Branding for Results - Part II

May 10, 2011

This is the second part of 'Branding for Results'.

The second major campaign we did was a contest, but we also wanted to be good stewards with the money we had and link the campaign again to actual sales. Realizing that the way competitors were running campaigns was to offer a one off prize. Like offering a trip overseas or a one off cash prize. We decided to do something different with a smaller budget.

We linked up Osram’s campaign with BSN bank in Malaysia because it was a big bank who had these savings certificates that allowed people who owned them to be entitled to a lucky draw a few times a year continuously as long as they held their certificates. This also enabled us to work within a smaller budget. Osram did not have a big budget to offer big prizes so we linked up with BSN to leverage on their prize which included houses and big luxury cars. We named this campaign “Win for Life”, because now Osram customers could literally win for life through these savings certificates which only cost RM 10.

We also got an immediate return on investment because we gave the certificates free with a pack of six energy saving light bulbs, So customers had to buy to take part. needless to say, sales went through the roof, people were interested in the campaign and it was a different contest to what was being offered and the ‘Win for life’ idea attracted customers and caused a behavioral response.

The contest was also much cheaper for Osram as they did not come up with the prizes but BSN Bank did. Most importantly the contest was exciting to the public. Consumers loved it and were buying the product in big quantities (six instead of one.)

All these campaigns enabled us to capture a substantial market share from Phillips in our first year of brand building and resulted in record sales for the company

These ideas illustrate that if we think differently and work a bit harder, we can link up an advertising campaign to actual sales. and reap rewards faster, rather than just work like how everybody else is doing in and see small incremental results.

In the 3rd part of 'Branding for Results' we will give you a summary and asking you some questions.

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