Branding for Results - Part III

May 17, 2011

In summary your advertising campaign

  1. Must be linked to sales
  2. Must be exciting to the target market or consumer to draw them in
  3. Must look at exciting ways and be different from others
  4. Must give value to both consumers or clients and your own company.

Some questions to guide you

  1. How can my campaign be exciting to the consumer ?
  2. Can I leverage with others to reduce my own cost and make my campaign more exciting?
  3. How are the sales going to be generated? is it through increasing walks to my outlets or actual product purchases? or are there other ways?
  4. What is my main objective of this campaign and how am I going to measure a clear return on investment?

a. Is it through number of walks ins converted? or

b. Is it through product purchases linked to a contest

c. Is it to leverage with another popular product and associate my company with it ?

d. Is it to create word of mouth which will eventually result in sales

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