Author - Raymond Gabriel

"Children in the age to come are going to need different types of financial intelligence to function as adults in an increasingly expensive, competitive and changing world. IQ alone is not going to cut it. We are going to need need a Money Quotient (MQ)!" - Raymond Gabriel

Raymond Gabriel

is a founder and executive director of People Systems, a leading Social Enterprise that has trained 10 000 entrepreneurs to achieve financial breakthrough. The average income increase of those who have attended his entrepreneurship program is between 100- 400% within 1 month of his program. These breakthroughs are achieved without loans or any debt.

He has also helped Major Corporations and Government Agencies achieve high level corporate goals in industries ranging from the vehicle manufacturing, the lighting industry, power generation, oil and gas, equipment manufacturing to mining

Raymond has also produced and developed content for T.V. Shows on Finance for both A.K.P.K. ,a division of the Central Bank of Malaysia, and CIMB Bank, one of Malaysia’s largest Banks. He developed the first National Service Financial Training Modules for A.K.P.K that has trained 120 000 youth.

Over the years through his trainings, which focus on principles that lay the foundation for financial breakthrough, he has trained thousands to change lifestyles and financial habits to enable them to achieve big financial goals.

Raymond resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife Esther and two children Mia and Nora Gabriel.

The Entrepreneur

One of Raymond’s passions is entrepreneurship. Not merely the blind challenge of the next corporate conquest or the raising of the “bottom line”, but, as a social entrepreneur, using his organization, resources and influence to effect societal change. He models his belief in “money for a cause”.

In the area of entrepreneurship or poverty eradication, Raymond, through his company “Peoplesystems”, has successfully completed projects for the Malaysian Government that helped youth and adults, in some cases those in extreme poverty, start a business with good incomes within a short time.

Raymond has also worked with fortune 500 companies to implement Corporate Social Responsibility projects to train people from underprivileged communities how to start a business and break themselves out of poverty. Among them was Microsoft’s unlimited potential program that is being conducted at vocational training centers in Malaysia. He has also worked with government bodies and corporations to build and transform communities.

The Trainer

Another passion for Raymond is training. Training specifically aimed at getting people either out of poverty or out of a 9-5 job type of system where their intelligence and earning potential is being wasted and limited. He believes that everyone has the ability to excel in a particular field or business area. This grace, once realized, can also unleash in people the potential to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

Scores of people have been empowered to move into or realize their potential through the hundreds of training sessions Raymond has conducted as well as the training programs that he had developed in different areas of competency. Some of the people he has trained have seen their income increase from RM 800 a month to RM 8000 a month within 4 weeks.

He is currently involved with numerous training projects in collaboration with Government Ministries and Government Linked Corporations to Eradicate Poverty in Malaysia. Most of these organizations are using his training systems and methodology because of the results achieved in a very short time (2 months or less).

The Writer

Raymond has written numerous training programs, manuals, booklets and articles aimed at empowering people with in right information and equipping them with the right mental tools so that they are able to take action towards achieving their potential.

In 2015 he has authored his long-awaited first-book, “Money Quotient” aimed at broad circulation. Writing has become the medium through which his example and message can reach an even wider audience.