Purpose of Going into Business

Apr 22, 2013

Many people who get into a business work it like a job. They want to earn a

comfortable salary to pay their bills and support a lifestyle. What is the purpose of
going into business?

Is it just to be your own boss while earning the same amount while facing more challenges? (Now you literally have to be a jack of all trades, from accounting to sales.) Or is there
some clear purposes that all business people should have.

I have some thoughts I would like to share with you.

1. The purpose of business is to achieve great wealth for a purpose

When I share this with most people, I get the immediate feeling purpose for them is
either about themselves or their own family, it is never about others. When you look
at great people like Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison , great inventors and
great entrepreneurs, it was never about just them , it was about bettering the human
race. What is it in your business that benefits your community , your neighborhood
or the human race as a whole. Is there any value to your business besides the profit
it is making?

If it is just a money making venture, pretty soon it will be overtaken by something
of real value. Keeping your business relevant is the main reason I want you to think
about the value you bring to others. That should be the on-going purpose or as some
people call it the mission or cause your organization or business is propagating

I also mentioned great wealth , because you are not in business to just makes
small amounts of money that you could have made being employed ( minus all the
headaches). There is also a purpose for wealth, and it also does not start with you
and your own lifestyle. It is also about the good that you can do with wealth

2. To reproduce your values and breakthroughs in others or to use it for
impacting others

If there is a certain value that you are bringing to society and there are certain
values in your life which are great values that can help others, your business can be
a tool to influence others to use the same values for their own value

Before I become successful in my business, I had a basic value drilled into me by
experiences and my mentors.

"My business can be a source of impact that can transform lives and exist for more
that just profit"

As I began to look for more areas for impact, sometimes I found the profits grew
exponentially as well. Impact brought influence, Influence made people want to
work with me and people including customers began to share my vision and this in
turn brought the added benefit - Higher profits.

The second part to the above point is, what about yourself would you like to see
reproduced in others, is there anything of value. Are there things in yourself that are
beneficial to reproduce.

Be Honest! If the answer to the above question is no, then
you need to put in more work into personal development. If there are areas in your
life that are above and beyond the norm in society and that can allow others great
breakthroughs, these are the areas you should teach others, reproduce in others and
build as a value into your business that you could monetize.

Think ! Why is it that some customers prefer to see me and deal with me rather than
my sales staff? The answer could be there is something in you that you have not

Think about these two points and work on them, it can give you an edge in business
that you will not find in many people. It starts with an honest assessment and ends
with a continuous assessment to become a better person. It can give your life and
your business a legacy beyond your own lifetime as others can capture this and
carry it on long after you have left planet earth.

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